Saturday, June 13, 2009

OOPS . . . continued from previous post . . .

We mailed our proposal for our TupaTakataka Hapa project yesterday . . . I am working with a community group called Kazi Kwa Wote on the project - their name means We Work For All. Part of what they do is volunteer to do trash clean up in various needy areas - there are a lot of them. I met them as I was doing clean up all by myself each week in the district office compund area - sometimes it is better to just let people fiure out what you are doing and volunteer to help rather than recruit them. Volunteering is a new concept for Kenyans. Our proposal is for 20 trash/dust bins for the village and associated work tools, the proposed budget is 302,450 Kenyan Shillings about $3,877 USD. The DC (boss of the district) thought that was modest . . . but it is a start. We are asking Safaricom Foundation for funding. They are the largest telecommunications company here; cellphones plus airtime

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