Saturday, June 13, 2009

All for today . . . Third try

That is all for today - the computer keep posting for me before I am finished so I am finished. The last of the previous post was . . . we are hopeful that our proposal will be approved. We will see. I am sure I made some mistakes having never done this in Kenya and the group hasn't either but I tried to ask as many questions as I could think of to make a go. When I shared it with the DC (District Commissioner) he said it was a good start but modest in shillings requested, wished me good luck and went on to tell me that I should focus on emergency preparedness for Makindu along with trash and MCC - a little large for me and beyond my scope I thought but I told him I would consider it . . .

Have a great weekend all!!! Next week we are celebrating Day of the African Child - that is Tuesday. Lots of activities planned at least we have planned them in the meeting - we will see what happens on the ground. Sometimes these celebrations are more focused on the politicians and their speeches that they are on the real meaning of the celebration . . . we will see.

Love and good health to all! Paula

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