Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second Post Attempt on DAD's Birthday!!!!

This must be a lucky day . . . continued from last post.  I don't think I have mentioned this before, if I did, sorry!!  There must be around 25 to30 children (growing by the day) that I see and greet on my way to work and home again.  I have taught them to greet me with a high-five hand slap then I say "watcha" which is hello in Kikamba to young people and they respond "ah",  then we do the Obama fist bump and we say "Obama"!!  This is so much fun and the word is spreading fast - so now instead of greeting me with "mazungu" meaning foreigner or "how are you?" we greet the NEW way, I love it!!  I also taught the kids in Loitokitok the same.  I wonder if our President knows how often his name is spoken with love and respect EVERYDAY? I  for one am glad Obama is taking a harsh stand on the government corruption here, it has to improve before the people of Kenya will benefit from the decisions of their elected officials.   I want to THANK!!! so very much Lyzette and Barbara for all they have done to help with donations and understanding of our work with the children here is Kenya.  So little goes so far and as I keep saying to all, the future of Kenya is the youth and children, change will not happen without them.  So all we are doing to make their lives better is ALL GOOD!!!
I have sent my camera chip to Lyzette who will try to give my blog some spice wth a few photos . . . I hope all goes well in this regard.  I really believe is is hard for you to believe that internet access and reliability is hard here in Makindu - a lot of it is probably me too.
I hope you are all well and happy . . . all is good here!!! Happy Birthday to my relatives in June; Broke and Lilly!!  Thanks to those who write to me . . . I love getting your letters and cards.  Sorry about those who email - those responses from me are less frequent and will continue to be.  I love what I am doing and can only hope I am making a little difference to some.  Bye for now.  Love to all, Paula

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