Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frustration . . . Patience . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

Hello . . . it has been a while . . . I tried to publish this blog on May 16th and the internet failed as I was attempting to send, so here goes again, I hope it is successful this time.  It is now the 28th of May;  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!
I had a good first success this week (May 11th). I was successful in securing a surgical procedure for one of our MCC children, Nyamai (5 1/2 years old).  This was a follow up request from Winnie Barron, MCC's founder.  She visited us in April for a couple of weeks from Oregon.  After a few blunders trying to navigate the hospital system, the doctor agreed to do the procedure on Wednesday, May 20th.  Nyamai cannot speak at all clearly because he is "tongue tied".  We have to go thru one more appointment to reconfirm but I am hopeful all will go well.  Now this is the 28th, I can tell you that all went WELL!!  The doctor agreed to do the procedure free of charge.  Otherwise we would have had to wait until AMREF sent a doctor in June.  The procedure is normally done when children are very little.  I have no idea why Nyamia fell thru the cracks for so long but he was scheduled last year and "they" scratched him off the list and told him to go home and eat sugarcane . . . that obviously was not the answer.  He has now returned to school and I and the teacher will work with him to improve his speak by teaching him how to use his tongue.  His father is very happy and I hope in time Nyamai will be too.  I am not too sure he understands what happened, it will take time. It was supposed to be a simple procedure but he ended up spending 4 nights in the hospital, I'm still not sure why about that either.
The MCC guardians finished up 5 sessions of goat keeping training that I arranged thru the Ministry of Livestock.  The trainers were very good.  All was in the Kikamba language, but I benefited as well.  The guardians seem very appreciate and have already made changes in feed, housing, grazing and they have used medicines to improve the health of their stock.  I just hope this improvement continues.  They are reporting that their goats are much healthier.  YEAH!!! I am hoping that some will be interested in dairy goat keeping.  This milk would be very good for the children and the milk production is much greater than in meat goats.  I am going to send this blog now and continue with a new one so I don't lose this one again!!

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