Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Contact Information In Makindu, Ke

Here is my new mailing address for the next 2 years:
Paula Dorney; PCV
c/o Makindu Children's Centre
P.O. Box 101 - 90138
Makindu, Kenya

My cell number from US; 011-254-722-370-165
Your calls and letters are welcome, please keep in mind the 10 hour time difference if you choose to call. I'll not call you, sorry!!! It is unaffordable . . . but you are all in my thoughts.

I am looking forward to my new assignment . . . I'll let you know how it is going as I go. I am gettng settled in to my "new" home. Keeping very busy . . . this will be a real challenge going forward, I hope I can make a difference. The cultural differences are remarkable and very interesting. I am working with a wonderful groups of Kenyans and over 400 children and their guardians ( due to parent deaths from HIV/AIDS). There are plenty of projects so the choices are varied and there are a lot of them. I am walking everywhere so far - maybe a bike purchase later. I am only about a 30 minute walk to the school where I work. I am close to town in a small little residential area with chickens, goats, cats, dogs and children all around. My place is spacious and so far has one stool for furniture, but I am working on that. There are many carpenters to make whatever you want for a reasonable price. I am on a borrowed mattress until one arrives on the next truck - February 1st. The floor was very hard the first night!!! Cooking on a small one burner gas stove is fun and challenging, it makes for a one course dinner with fruit as a second course - the fruit is VERY good, picked right off the tree probably yesterday!!! More later . . . love to all!!!

I hope you are all well and happy!!!

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