Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home In Makindu

Finally . . . the internet here has been unavailable and unreliable for days. I think it is hard for you all to even imagine that but it is VERY frustrating, but I am lucky to have it at all. I share a compound here with 3 other women and several children. I'm still unsure exactly how many. There are no fathers around that I have seen anyway, this is common. My space is big for here, I'm guessing just a little smaller than my Winter Park apt. maybe 800 SF. I have 2 bedrooms (one for storage??), small kitchen, bothing room and sitting room. I have puchased 2 hardwood chairs and a small table 3x2 and a mattress. The space is more than enough for one person. The outhouse is close by. Water is also near. I have electricity but no running water inside the house but the tap is nearby, I share this with the others. Water is available 5 days per week so you have to plan ahead a bit. I have a 100 liter storage tank that I bought for days with no water. Life is simple but everything is "hard" i.e. it takes much more time and effort for anything to happen. People move at a sloer pace but everything gets done in it own time. I'll post this now in case I lose the connection. More later . . .

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