Monday, December 20, 2010

Bittersweet Days . . .

Greetings from Nairobi;

December 18th was my last "official" day with MCC. The two years really did fly by and now it is time to think about returning to the US. I have tried to book a ticket three times and I am on my third failure, maybe there is a message there.

I will be in Makindu through most of January finishing up a few secondary project issues and saying good-byes. While I an anxious to see all of you . . . it is not that easy to leave. I really have enjoyed all the people I have met here.

MCC was a wonderful experience and I am sure that I am taking more away than I could ever give to them. Living and working with people of a different culture is the best experience I could ever have imagined. While you really cannot walk in their shoes, the Peace Corps experience lets you get as close as I believe is possible. I had an experience more rewarding, challenging and fulfilling than I could have wished.

I leave MCC at a time when they are moving forward to self sustainability under the leadership of Michael,a director with great vision and motivation to make MCC all it can be for the orphans and vulnerable children it currently supports. The indigenous poultry keeping project, the dairy cow project together with our new rainwater catchment system and a "master plan" for shamba (farm) planting and a promise from well-wishers from the Sikh Temple to construct two classrooms . . . the future is bright for Makindu Children's Centre!!! The new staff and volunteers are motivated and active in making all projects move forward to benefit the guardians and children of the Centre. I really enjoyed working with them and will miss them greatly. They hosted a wonderful going away party for me last Saturday. Many wonderful and kind words were spoken and of course, I cried . . . they gifted me with a beautiful wooden bowl, carved with a thank you message, their name and logo. I will treasure it, surely!!!

We are in Nairobi this week, signing out . . . all the Peace Corps paperwork is being completed for our Close of Service. A few of us are traveling to Oloitokitok to spend Christmas with our original Kenyan families. I will also have an opportunity to meet with the KISMA - Angels in Kenya groups (caregivers and children)on our school sponsorship program. I will gift them with a nice donation from my family members to help with the start of the 2011 school year. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to each of you who supported me during my Peace Corps service I will be forever thankful to you. You truly made a difference in my life while I was away.

Think about Peace Corps if you want a wonderful fulfilling challenge no matter your age. It is the best decision I have made to date.

Reminder . . . donations are always welcome to support these two wonderful project for children . . . Makindu Children's Centre through Makindu Children's Program, Eugene, OR; USA and KISMA - Angels in Kenya through WOPI, Wings of Peace International, Winter Springs, FL; USA.

Thanks again to all!!! Merry Christmas and the very best to ALL in the coming year!

Happy Birthday to my family members in December; Mindy and Mindy and Noreen.

See most of you very soon. Love, hugs, peace and good health!!! Paula

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Chuck said...

I hope you'll continue this blog after you get home. Being back should give you a wider perspective on the value of PC and I hope you'll share it. I more fully understood how much PC changed me as I re-adapted to the states. The experience is a personal treasure