Friday, November 5, 2010

Things are "Happening" at MCC

Hey ALL!!!

Exciting things are happening at Makindu Children's Centre. Our Director, Michael, has lead us through the process which has allowed for two good income generating activities with a lot of potential for our Centre and its beneficiaries. Our dairy project is coming along well - we have 3 full grown milk cows and one calf; we are selling around 25 plus litres a day with more volume anticipated. One of our cows should calf within the next few weeks. We lost one calf due to a birthing problem but the mother is doing fine. We also have around 960 indigenous chicks (a few didn't make it; expected mortality rate 5%) which will be sold in approximately four months for a nice profit. Delivery of an additional 1000 is expected soon. The program for the chicken enabled a few groups of our MCC guardians to participate as investors then with the profit (forced savings plan) from their investment they will be able and encouraged to start their own businesses. This is a project that can and will improve the livelihoods of our orphans and guardians. It is sustainable and requires a fairly minimal investment.

Rainwater catchment gutters and tanks are also now installed on one building at the Centre so we can capture the rainwater from our roof. This happened just in time for the short rains that have just now started. Rainwater catchment was something I really wanted to see for the Centre. Piped water is very expensive and the salt content is so high that it isn't very good for animals or for crops. This will help all around. Some generous friends from the Sikh Temple in Makindu and other friends from the US made this dream happen. The water engineer estimated that we can harvest 90,000 litres from our all of our roofs. We have another Sikh friend considering some financial assistance so we can do the guttering on the other roof and capture even more rainwater.

I haven't been in Makindu for a couple of weeks. I have had meetings then our Close of Service Medical review took a few days. I had a small medical problem (nothing serious) so I am still in Nairobi but will be returning to Makindu next week. In between, I will be in Loitokitok for a couple of days assisting with some training for the newest group of volunteers. I think we are up to around 150 in Kenya now.

These last few weeks will fly by . . . it is hard to believe that our service is almost complete and that it has been two years. I am Planless Paula at this moment but will most likely return to the USA sometime in January. It is difficult to leave all the people who have been in my life in many different ways for the last two years. In fact, some of the volunteers aren't leaving but are extending their service to a third year and many are looking for jobs here in Kenya - which may be an easier task than back in the US at the moment.

That's it on my end . . . I hope all are healthy and happy!!

Happy Birthday!!! to my family members celebrating in November. Sorry, I don't have my book with me to type all of your names and didn't want to leave anyone out.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving!! We are trying to do a little gathering, maybe even with a turkey, at a PCV's site outside of Nairobi. Enjoy your day!!

All the best, as always!! Paula

P.S. Please remember; Makindu Children's Program; in USA for Makindu Children's Centre; Kenya and Wings of Peace International in USA for Loitokitok, Kenya for donation opportunities. Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a child.

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