Monday, September 13, 2010

Returning . . .

Well maybe . . . to what . . . hatred and intolerance? Who is this man in Gainsville, Florida? In one thoughtless or dare I say mindless threat, he dashes our hopes of the peaceful coexistence our President has tried so hard to restore in his brief time as the 'Leader of the Free World'.

We are U.S. PEACE Corps volunteers Mr . . . did you even consider how your actions and words might affect Americans trying to be peaceful, tolerant,respectful and helpful in other parts of our world?? Besides ALL else you should have considered before you spoke your 'threats'.

In the "practice" of your religion, be mindful of this quote published in The Nation newspaper in Kenya (where I am currently living and volunteering among MANY different people with many different beliefs including Muslims)on 9/11: "Your Christ was such an admirable figure. But you Christians are so unlike him . . . " Mahatma Ghandi.

Wake up Mr . . ., Gainsville, Florida is part of a much larger WORLD. One in which we would like PEACEFUL coexistence to someday be a reality. Please be mindful of your actions in that WORLD . . . PEACE to all!!!!

Have a peaceful day!! Yours in service, Paula

P.S. I published this only after my anger had subsided after many days. It makes me so very sad and ashamed when my country gets this kind of press in the WORLD!


seen it for 60 year said...

your country make everyone pukes at leat once a day

Chuck said...

the your 'country' guy doesn't know that thinking about people as a group is the kind of 'us and them' stuff behind almost all conflict. pc is a person to person program and after 2 yrs makes 'us and them' impossible. when i first got to india in '65 thought i could write a book. after a year wasn't sure how to start the first chapter, and after 2 years thought i'd neve3r be able to explain india to anyone. this guy is dangerous bec in a complex he is simple and angry. i recall the wonderful song in south pacific 'you've got to be taught.'