Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!

It has been a while . . . I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. A few of us volunteers celebrated in Nairobi. We cooked ALL the traditional foods and ate a lot!! It was fun to share the cooking and the day with other volunteers. AND you really can thaw a frozen 15 pound turkey the same day you cook it!!! Thankfully!!!

We have been busy at MCC. The children are now out for the December break so many of them come to the centre for lunch everyday. It is good to see all of them. They have a great time together, playing and assisting with the cooking and cleaning. We think we finally have the good rains - I hope they last. Some people planted to early and lost their first seeds because we had too long a break in the rains but lately we have had rain about every two to three days so I hope that lasts through January. EVERYTHING is so much greener and beautiful. I am working on a project to do water harvesting (catchment) from the roof of our buildings a MCC - we are just waiting for the costs and everytime it rains I "cry" because so much water is "lost" that could be harvested and used later. The estimate we have is that we easily could harvest 90,000 litres from our roof - that is a lot!!!

I am in Nairobi for our mid-service medical check up and have to leave now . . . so more later!!!

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